Boneless Chicken or NY Strip Steak
Lunch or Dinner

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This menu is great when you're having a crowd and you don't have time to prepare everything yourself.
Tell us what time you want to serve and we'll have everything ready, on time, fresh and hot off the grill!

Dinner Served Fresh From the Grill

"feel free to order some Steak and some Chicken! Mix things up a little."

* 10oz Boneless Breast of Chicken
BBQ, Teriyaki or Speidi Sauce

(all of our sauces are homemade)

* 14oz Boneless New York Sirloin Strip Steak

* 8oz Boneless New York Sirloin Strip Steak
& 6oz Boneless Breast of Chicken

Choose any six of the following:

Pasta Prima Vera Salad or Tortellini Salad or Fresh Veggies w/dip
Home Style Baked Beans or Fresh made Clam Chowder (Manhattan or New England)
Macaroni w/tuna Salad or Fresh Corn on the Cob
German, Traditional, or Italian Potato Salad or Baked Potato w/sour cream
Tossed Salad w/assorted dressings or Tomato w/feta cheese and scallions or Cole Slaw
Colorful Decorated Sheetcake or a Display of Whole Fresh Fruits

This menu includes plates, wares, servers, grills, rolls and butter, condiments.

* NY Strip Steak: 50 or More people...$31.00
* Boneless Chicken Breast: 50 or More people...$27.00
* Boneless Chicken & NY Strip Steak: 50 or More people...$30.00

Children under 12 years old are 1/2 price. Under 6 no charge

Consider Adding These Stations For Even More Fun:
Ice Cream Sundae Bar $4.50 per person
Fried Dough Bar $4.00 per person

Why Not Add Some Sweet Littleneck Clams?

Maine Littlenecks
when available
Rhode Island Littlenecks
One Dozen Per Person: $4.50
One Dozen Per Person: $7.50
Unlimited 3 Hours: $6.50 Per Person
Unlimited 3 Hours: $11.50 Per Person

Two ours actual serving time.
Please add 17% staffing fee and sales tax