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Choose Two of Your Favorite Carving Roasts
*Harvest Roast Turkey Breast
Seasoned with Fresh Sage, Served with Pan Gravy, & Cranberry Sauce
*Herb Encrusted Fresh Pork
Slow roasted served with warm autumn applesauce and condiments
*Garlic and Pepper Spiced Top Round of Beef
Accompanied with Au Jus, fresh ground horseradish root and condiments
*Tender Spring Leg of Lamb
Slow cooked to tender medium rare, served with Rosemary Jus, & Minted Jam

*Carved Virginia Honey Ham
served with warm pineapple sauce


This Menu Includes:

Miniature Rolls
plates, utensils, napkins and a variety of accompaniments

Consider these additions or substitutions:
*Carved New York Sirloin: $5.00 per person
*Prime Rib of Beef: $7.00 per person
*Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon): $10.00 per person
Accompanied by Au Jus and Bearnaise Sauce