Fried Dough Station

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Delicious Hot & Crispy Fresh Fried Dough
*Fresh Dough rolled and fried on-site
Eat as many as you like!

Create a Deep Fried Masterpiece From All Your Favorite Toppings
* Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Honey, Powdered Sugar, and Whipped Cream.
If you have a favorite topping we would be happy to add it!
This all inclusive Fried Dough Bar comes with everything you need.
Paper plates, knife & forks and lots & lots of napkins and attendant.

2 hours of serving time

Add to any of our "Package Menus" @ $4.00 per person

Just The Fried Dough Bar

30 -39 people: $9.50 per person
40 -49 people: $8.50 per person
50 or more people: $7.50 per person

Prices Subject to 17% attendant charge and sales tax