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“An oyster, that marvel of delicacy, that concentration of sapid excellence, that mouthful before all other mouthfuls, who first had faith to believe it, and courage to execute? the exterior is not persuasive."
Henry Ward Beecher, social reformer, abolitionist, 1813 – 1887

Our Raw Bar Features New England's Freshest Seafood
*Limitless Sweet Rhode Island Littleneck Clams
*Limitless Fresh Peeled and Cleaned Fresh Jumbo Shrimp
Served over a bed of ice & greens
*Add Limitless Fresh Blue Point Oysters @ $7pp
*Add Limitless Fresh Split Chilled Lobster Tails @ $10pp


This Menu Includes:

Includes our home-made cocktail sauce, course horseradish,
fresh lemons and hot sauce. Plates & Napkins

50 - 59 people: Twenty One dollars
60 - 69 people: Twenty dollars /50
70 or More people: Nineteen /50

This is a 1.5 Hour Package.
Deduct $1per person for a one hour event .
Add Time at $1 per person per 1/2 hour.
Priced Per Person

Prices Subject to 17% attendant charge and sales tax

Add the Antipasto Bar
Add the Pasta Station
Add the Carving Station